AS198764 as known as “Rui Network” is a research and educational network. It's mainly maintained by Rui Li.

AS198764 Rui Li - bgp.tools
AS198764 (Rui Li)'s is a IPv6 only network that is peering with 5 other networks and has 5 upstream carriers
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🌐 Global Anycast

We currently have five PoPs in the world, each PoP has at least 1 Gbps bandwidth. We use babel dynamic route protocol and tunnel technology to achieve internal connection. It means if you are connected with any PoP then we could let you be routed from all other PoP.


🖥️ Network Access

Limited free network access is available for fair and reasonable use. We actively govern network traffic from our network, but there still might be abuse that happens. You can contact our abuse report email, we will act soon.

We can provide you a anycast IPv6 /64 prefix (large prefix needs justification). To apply for it, contact NOC. Developing and researching purposes are welcomed!

👋 Services

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